Frequently Asked Questions

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1Where do I start?
Click the contact us button and fill out the form and someone from our team will contact you shortly.
2What is a Turn-Key property?
A turnkey property is a renovated home or apartment building that an investor can purchase and immediately rent out.
3What's the general timeline for investing?
The typical time under contract can range anywhere from 7-45 days, during this time our team will be with you every step of the way.
4Why should I invest in Cleveland?
Zillow wrote that Cleveland is the 2nd hottest real-estate market of 2023. Check out the Cleveland Real-Estate Market page of our website for more reasons why.
5How much does it cost?
The cost is dependent on the property chosen but the initial cash investment will typically be 20%-25% of the sales price.
6Why should I consider investing outside of the state I live in?
With Turn-Key CLE it is easy to invest outside of the state you live in with the help of our in house staff. While we can't speak for other cities, Cleveland enjoys a relatively affordable cost of living and price per unit.
7Why should I choose Turn-Key CLE?
Turn-key CLE is vertically integrated with our sister companies Fisher-Asset Management (Rent FAM) and Tom's Complete Construction (TCC) for a seamless transition from step to step of the purchasing process. Turn-Key CLE also will have owned the property for the entirety of the rehab process. We exclusively buy only in North East Ohio making us experts in the market.
8Are there any qualifications I need to have to be able to invest?
Turn-Key CLE loves to help our first time investors in their process, keeping in contact with them every stop of the way.
9How do we answer concerns from out-of-state investors?
We utilize all available modern technology to streamline communication to all our investors.
10I closed my property, then what?
We will provide a property management agreement and schedule a meeting to discuss the terms and how financial reports are sent on a monthly basis.

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