Completed Projects

We work hard so you don't have to. During our rehab process our team works hard to make our houses perfect for a profitable real estate portfolio.

 Whether its something as little as redoing a kitchen or knocking down a wall our team makes sure our houses are move in ready to get you started on the perfect investment. 

 Our rehab process creates homes that are not only good-looking but will also provide less maintenance in the long run. While every house has their own specific needs, our experience has helped us perfect our renovation process to help reduce vacancy and expensive up keep. 

Incorporating new cabinetry can transform a room, significantly increasing the value of your investment. Our commitment to meticulous attention ensures that our properties undergo extensive improvements, aiming to maximize the property's overall value in the market.

 Changes to the outside can be just as important as the inside. Sometimes all that needs to be done to significantly increase the value of your investment is fresh paint and a change in landscaping. 

Ridgewood lofts is a great example of our high end work. Our renovations not only attract residents but are put in to generate the highest possible return for our investors.